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Post  RWPKRPLR1 on Fri Mar 01, 2013 6:06 am

Tonight I decided to try a super lag approach in 4 MTT's and to my surprise I seemed to do better. It could of just been a day of rungood, but I felt like I was in control of my tables at most times.

Instead of sitting back trying find spots to exploit, I turned up the heat and decided I was going to take the lead whenever I could. With a regiment of UBER small bets, sheer aggression and backing off most times when players played back at me, I seemed to accumulate chips at a steady pace.

The reason I wrote this is because I found it amazing how most players in the micros weren't unable to adjust to sheer aggression. I also couldn't believe how well betting uber small made my opponents very easy to play, kept my losses small and maximized my nut hands. Most of my opponents played abc against me, giving me lots of spots to take advantage, which makes the game easy for the most part.

not saying this is right to play like this, but learned a lot playing like this.


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Re: LAG > TAG...

Post  JodaB. on Fri Mar 01, 2013 12:14 pm

Experimenting with you play is good, regardless if its correct or optimal, its def something we need to do.

That being said poker is about making the most with every decision we make. In the beginning of our learning process, this will be with very few hands, as since we are new we should tighten up and make things easy.

As we get better we are able to open up more and more, becoming looser and looser, while adding more and more plus ev hands to our game.

The better we are the more hands we can open up profitable, if I could, and maybe the future of poker will be like this, I would open 100% of hands, if they we all profitable and maximize my own expected value.

In this way its not style that opens up our VPIP, but our increased ability to play more hands in a +ev that opens our VPIP, that defines our style.

So some might say, i like to play lag, some I like to play tag. But really those names are just categories from the outside. Each player should what they think is +ev and then work on extended the maximum amount of hands that ARE +ev for them.

It talks about this in the Esoteric book of poker im pretty sure.


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