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Post  JodaB. on Tue Feb 12, 2013 4:32 am

Mark: If Shar isn't around, we need to be proactive in getting rid of this piece of useless trash.
No mark, you need to stop calling fellow humans useless pieces of trash. And this site needs mod that we actually mod and stop you from ranting with such hate.

Originally Posted by RWPKRPLR View Post
1. Try not to add fuel to the fire by replying and possibly making it worse.
edit: that being said have a good night sir
I'll give you that... it's a solid point.

Mark: But, I could argue that not saying enough and letting this guy back does more harm than by aggravating.
Your arguing that your calling me racist and a useless piece of trash does less harm? You need to stop feeling like you have a right to trample on people regardless of what you think of them.

Wetts: But you should have been. Many times. Thats BTPs point, around here, either youre in, or youre out.

You frequently violate the first 3 membership rules, yet youve never been banned:

The rules of being a member.

1. Act your age.

2. Respect one another, respect members of, its moderators and visitors.

3. Refrain from excessive profanity

I dont really care, I should probably have been banned once or twice, it's just inconsistent. But its OK, because people "know" you, and youre just that middle aged guy who pulls down his pants in public because he still thinks its funny - so its all good.
This is what I pointed out to comp, and then to scoops, So here Wetts agrees with the reason I called come a bigot. Hes being prejudice. And we could have avoided this whole thing, had he put and end to Mark bullying me and others.

Comp: Well you have now... so stop it, you SHOULD be somewhat above the name calling...
Ya but you should have put a stop to his violent behavior years ago, or given up your position if you are unwilling to act on the responsibility.

Mark: Respect is something I give when people deserve it.
Yes Mark this is where you lack intelligence, intelligence is to respect everyone and not to judge there worth.

Mark: use self-deluding logic to do what they want anyways
I'm going to suggest you are self-deluding to suggest I am illogical, I wouldn't be capable of playing the high level of poker I do if I didn't have strong logic skills. Not sure you can put that logic together, doubt you can.

Mark: In many of the arguments (and I do love to argue) on here
Yes we've been over this you are addicted to conflict. Its a terrible habit.

Mark: I have argued with tonnes of people, when discussing guns, legal and rehabilitation practices, and even this particular topics of hate and prejudice.
Yes and you can't see the irony in arguing about how to have a better world? Am I the only one who thinks thats sick and twisted? Someone please speak up about this.

Mark: His prejudice and "sneaky" approach to spreading it is unacceptable, the fact that he compounds that by saying his non-belief in race exempts him from being racist truly puts him over the top
Again comp you or someone needs to delete this shit, its baseless and false.

Mark: I will say this though, darbday should not be affiliated with this site in any degree, and if something isn't done to ensure that, I will be very disappointed, and never shy away from saying that.
We know Mark because you're not capable of admitting you are wrong, and as long as I am around everyone know you are and idiot for calling me racist.

Data: BTW Darb - you forgot to include the fact that your Wikipedia fragment comes from a paragraph that starts "It is argued that...". It is not stating it for a fact, it is providing it as one argument in the concept of "race".
Ya thats right its argued, but I didn't forget to leave it out. Who argues that race is a real thing? Racists, people that believe race means something. I can assure you sir, we all came from the same place.

Comp: You have no idea what he was espousing,
Can you please post the evidence so we can all know?

Comp: He was not banned because he called me a coward for refusing to censure others calling him racist and anti-semite.
Put you did tell me in PM that you don't recall anyone saying I hate Jews. So really you wouldn't acknowledge there was and issue. And you certainly didn't put a stop to any of it. So I called you a bigot and a coward, which is obviously true. Your not a fair mod at all. And you let a thread go on about calling a muslim war child a piece of shit. Thats really racist, but when I protested by posting american solider pissing on dead Afgah bodies, you remove that and threaten to ban me. I stop and said fine then lock the thread. You wouldn't lock it so I harassed you and the thread until you locked it.

That thread is REAL racism and REAL hate. Not bullshit racism, and the thread is there as proof for everyone to see. It's anti muslim and racist.

Bill: He has a very different perception of Darb than a lot do on here.
Many share his same opinion on here, as does every single person that knows me. All of the intelligent poker players here hold that opinion of me as well.

Bill: We've never met Darb in person, so I personally have no ability to comment on what he's like in person.
But as a mod why are you letting Mark post hate rants about me?

Bill: Darb presented terribly in the latter stage of his presence on the forum in many instances.
This doesn't mean you should allow Mark to continue the way he is.

Bill: His communication style was incredibly one sided. 'If you don't communicate with me on my terms, we can't continue.
Yes Bill I was clear, put an end to the racism and anti semite bullshit. You were clear back-ignorance, you decided to ignore it all and let it continue.

Bill: You must comply or you're ignorant.
by now I'm positive you are ignorant to the meaning of ignorant.

Bill: When he didn't get his own way, he lashed out angrily.
Nono, not angrily, when I call comp a bigot thats not anger, or a coward, those are simply facts. I lashed out at hellmouths mole, just so everyone knew what it felt like, not sure I'd call that anger fully either. I positive you would go berserk if you had to put up with all this. Even my conversations with mark are generally me calmly explaining that he doesn't have the mental capacity to understand these thing.

Bill: I will agree with certain arguments that there is obviously bullying on this forum,
Well thats kinda weird because thats what ive been so upset about in the first place and its against the rules, wetts agreed there is bullying and YOUR A MOD!!!! Comp is supposed to be a mod.

Bill: Should we be banning people every time they say gtfo to another member? The forum would be dead in a month or less.
You shouldn't be a mod because you are asking this question and its your duty to reprimand these situations. You are being ridiculous here, the forum wouldn't be dead, it would be empty of assholes and would flourish.

Bill: The larger poker forums are much, much worse for bullying in my opinion. Not sure what btp has to say about them. I'd be interested in hearing that in a positive effort to affect progress.
Are you joking? you think two plus two allows bullying? Bill what do you think being a mod means?
Thanks for your input.

Can you please go back to taking a stand against the forum now?
Ya I see hellmouth came by to snuff philley. That pretty tough buddy. Out of everything going on here you feel you have this to say huh? Contribute.

And I also will not play another forum tournament with Darbday.
Of course you won't, your still choked from the time i singled you out like you single others out. Not fun is it?

HM: I play $8 180`s with him from time to time with no problem but this is a different issue.
Thx i appreciate it. You should go back and re read the strat threads you used to make fun of me in, theres some gold thoughts in there that you were berating me for.

Bill: So, let's hear your opinions on what Comp has offered to the forum over the years as.....

a volunteer?
Well my first experience of him here was him accusing me of making up my screename forboon, and he went looking on 2 plus 2 to prove im a liar. Since then he won't put and end to the obviously bullying and hate mark and gta contribute to the site.

Scoop: This thread has brought out a lot of concerns with how the forum is being run and too try and make this place a overall nicer environment for all I've turned on the reputation system which I'm hoping will lower the negative posts.
Now that you are here, and care, and are active, you can turn these things around. The biggest problem with this site is that when I came to you with a complaint, you were unaware of the situation at hand. You admittedly didn't know what was going on and still don't therefore ignorance spread from the top down.


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