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Tough Spot with 66

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Tough Spot with 66 Empty Tough Spot with 66

Post  negreanu1985 Thu Mar 13, 2014 12:45 pm

Playing Day 1A of a live $180 BI MTT 100k guaranteed at Borgata, trying to make the combined Day 2 and hopefully ultimately cash. Start with 15k in chips and 30 minute levels. Had doubled up to 32k but lost a lot due to a long stretch of no cards.

My stack is at 17k, blinds are 400/800/75 ante, I get 66 UTG. I debate open shoving or possibly folding but this seems like an action table. It is only my 2nd hand at the table but table talk indicates a lot of aggression/looseness. Won a small pot my first hand with KK but didn't show down. I decide to limp and reshove all in if someone raises. It goes a bit awry when the following happens: UTG+1 raises to 4.5k, UTG+2 calls, MP2 calls, and CO calls. I think hard and decide the dead money makes a shove still +EV, assuming some folds. My stack is only slightly below average and not that small relative to the table. I shove, original raiser folds, UTG+2, MP2 and CO all call.

UTG+2 sadly has 66, stupid woman in MP2 has K5s, and CO has AQ. UTG+1 admits to me he had AQ as well. The Q comes out and CO wins with UTG+2 winning small side pot from the K5 and I am eliminated.

I would appreciate opinions on this hand.


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Tough Spot with 66 Empty Re: Tough Spot with 66

Post  REEBS77 Thu Mar 13, 2014 3:22 pm

I think 66 utg with ~20bb is probably close to a fold the first time. I used to open it all day long, but I think I was too wide from ep, so I cut out some of the lower pairs I had been opening.

We cannot set mine with this short of stack don't forget. So when you say that its an action table, I would be happy folding this spot and lookin for some reshove spots from the blinds instead.

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Tough Spot with 66 Empty Re: Tough Spot with 66

Post  JodaB. Thu Mar 13, 2014 3:38 pm

Why are we limping!?!?! cheers 

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Tough Spot with 66 Empty Re: Tough Spot with 66

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