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Easy game poker....

Post  JodaB. on Tue Mar 26, 2013 1:58 am

This is a writing that will somewhat reflect my teaching style. I get hassled all the time for being too basic with people, but usually after a long time of arguing they admit its great stuff and they didn't listen in the first place. I think I should premise with that because it will look to basic. I put it in the more advanced section for that reason, but lower limit players shouldn't feel like its above their head, they should know its a very very important concept.

I 30 table for about 5 hours a day, usually write on forums, watch lectures, listen to music, learn language, talk on skype, and harass players at the tables (in a entertainment type way I try to never be rude). And I'm still a little self conscious about my game but I must be playing at a decently high skill level.

So how do I do it? How does the mind play such solid poker? Is it really the weed (obv)?

Its really simple, I divide my hands into premium, medium, junk. I raise my premiums, flat and call medium, and fold or bluff with my junk.

Doesn't matter if its preflop or flop turn river. I look at my hand, categorize it and do accordingly.

How many players I play everyday that prove on the river that they flatted KK preflop?! Boom your roi isn't as high as mine.

I raise preflop with AA, button 3bets, I shove, he folds and shows 99. Thats a mistake because we don't raise with medium hands like 99. We should only raise premium hands or Air.

Cut off raises we are in BB with JTs, we flat because its a medium hand, flop is J23, we have top pair but a medium kicker, so we check and call because its a medium hand relative to the flop.

Sometimes I'll get dealt KQs on the button and utg a tightish reg will min raise open mid game. I'm short like 25bbs effective with him and alot of regs freeze here. Its not a premium hand, but its not junk, so we should flat....but we are short and the reg has a tight range. We should break the rules of poker and have a flatting range here because we simple admit its not a premium but not junk.

Cut off opens early game we are on button with T8s. Not premium, not junk, but can we really flat? Its almost junk, if the blinds are tight or weak we might flat. If they are good or loose we might 3bet to iso the cutoff. So we slide our parameters based on the table but the basics still hold....

We flat and the blinds flop, flop is KQ2 and we have a flush draw. Cutoff leads into us. We don't have a made hand, we shouldn't raise, we don't have junk, so we flat. I see many players make the mistake of raising, and then saying 'oh f@#$' when they get raised, and they call drawing with poor odds.

This is somewhat the cliffs from beluga whales book easy game. He just said that and said easy game at the end of every paragraph.


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